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Град Бијељина

Increased number of building permits for the center

After the last year adopted amendments of the regulation plan zone "Centar", the largest construction companies have intensified preparations for the construction of narrow city zone in Bijeljina, was stressed out by Mr. Igor Ostojić, Head of Department of Spatial Planning Bijeljina in the City Administration for the business portal “Capital.ba”.This Department has already released dozens of location conditions and building permits to Investors who want to build residential - commercial buildings."The process of issuing another five location conditions for the serious investors, who intend to build multi-family residential - commercial buildings is ongoing. This is a good opportunity for filling the City budget, since about 50 percent of the planned resources have already been charged for this year „says Ostojić.The same information was confirmed by Mr. Milorad Sofrenić, Head of Department for Finance in Bijeljina City Administration, noting that for the first three months of this year, from around 2.000.000 BAM for construction land and building rents, 880.000 BAM have already been charged."Comparing with the same period of the last year, this represents an increase of more than 50 percent since the last year we have collected during this period 420.000 BAM on that basis."By the end of July, the issuing of necessary building permits will be completed to investors who want to build in the central City area, which will be an opportunity for budget filling in the second quarter of this year.