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Град Бијељина

The sowing of sunflower in Semberija

Company "Family Farm", which was founded earlier this year in Bijeljina, by a group of Turkish businessmen, organized the planting of 700 hectares of White Sunflower in the Republic of Srpska, which will be exported to Turkey and the EU, said Gordana Vasić, agricultural engineer, representative of the company "Family Farm".The largest area under the White Sunflower was sown in the region of Bijeljina (Semberija region) about 500 hectars, and 200 hectares were sown in the area of Gradiska and Posavina. Producers, who decided to plant White Sunflower signed contracts of production with company "Family Farm", and were given free seed and artificial fertilizers. They can count on a minimum purchase price 0.50 €  per kilogram, if achieving agreed quality standard, which implies adequate grain plumpness and fulfillment.This is the first year in this area, in which the production of White Sunflower for snacking and consumption was organized, including the signing of contracts with producers.