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Forum on the agricultural development in BiH

The Head of the EU Delegation to BiH, Lars-Gunnar Vigemark, opened the Forum about prospects for the development of agriculture in BiH "Our arable land without borders", which was held today in Bijeljina. Forum in Bijeljina was part of a project, which was initiated in order to discuss the current situation in the rural areas and in the agriculture sector in BiH, as well as the challenges and opportunities offered by the EU accession process.- Bijeljina is one of the most important agricultural centers, not only in the Republic of Srpska, but also in BiH, and it is good that this agricultural forum is organized today in this city. Our goal is to bring together agricultural producers, to exchange their opinions and experiences in order to enhance production on the basis of the new knowledge - said Vigemark.According to his information, the agriculture in the Republic of Srpska is neglected and deserves more attention, considering that this sector employees large number of workers.- There are producers who have placed their products on the international market, and we would like to have such examples much more- said Vigemark.He explained that the first step towards the advancement of agricultural production in BiH is to define strategies with clear goals in order to develop the agriculture sector.- Starting from 01 February, entered into force adapted Stabilization and Association Agreement that revoked suspension of the autonomous trade measures, which provides benefits to export certain agricultural products, including fruits and vegetables- said the Head EU Delegation to BiH. He added that European officials agreed on 40 support measures to BiH, aiming to improve product quality, and to make producers more competitive.Germany and Sweden have already been supporting BiH in the agricultural sector, while to make the European Union more able to help farmers, the BiH authorities should have adopt a strategy for agriculture development.