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Plan for promotion of economic potentials and benefits of the City of Bijeljina

Starting with
  • Development Strategy of the City of Bijeljina up to 2023 and the Strategy of Communication with the Citizens,
  • Commitment of the City of Bijeljina to improve prerequisites for attracting investments and accelerate local economic development as a prerequisite for increased employment, increased inflow of funds to the city budget and improvement of quality of life of citizens of the City of Bijeljina,
bearing in mind
  • the modern numerous offers of investment locations and insufficient investment funds, and
  • unfavorable image of the Western Balkans, and especially of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as the post conflict and still insufficiently stable area,
recognising the importance of marketing as an important prerequisite for branding Bijeljina as a local community with favourable conditions for investments, and
thinking that a planned approach is effective only in activities of strategic importance, the City of Bijeljina started preparing the Plan for promotion of economic potentials and benefits of investing in the City of Bijeljina.
The main goal of this Plan is to contribute to the acceleration of local economic development through improvement of business environment, attracting investments and increasing employment.
Implementation of the Plan will contribute to the main goal through a number of activities which can be classified into four types:
  • improving image of the City of Bijeljina as a location desirable for investment;
  • presenting economic potentials and benefits in the City of Bijeljina to the potential investors;
  • providing support to investors in all stages of business: before making a decision to invest, during start of business and after that;
  • encouraging change in the attitudes of the local economic sector, local government and citizens, and their introduction to modern corporate standards used in developed countries.