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Local Environmental Action Plan for the City of Bijeljina 2018-2028

Solving environmental problems requires a systematic approach and intensive cooperation and information exchange between interested groups in the local community (institutions, organisations, citizens and media). As the best response to the complexity of environmental protection, a methodology for solving environmental problems was developed in local communities through preparation and implementation of local environmental action plans (LEAPs).
Local environmental action plan (LEAP) is a developmental-planning document which, based on the assessment of environment condition, established environmental problems and priorities, as well as defined actions, contributes to the improvement of environment of the area for which it is prepared.
The following topic areas make the basic structure of the LEAP document:
  • Air,
  • Water and water resources,
  • Protection and usage of land,
  • Forests and forest resources,
  • Protected areas,
  • Economy,
  • Biodiversity, natural and cultural heritage,
  • Noise pollution,
  • Waste management.
The document deals with basic socio-economic indicators for the City of Bijeljina, importance and potential of natural resources, and situation in the environmental sector. LEAP deals with all topics related to environment, and the assessment was done for each individual area, and then the analysis of the problems and pressures was performed and actions/measures for improvement were proposed.
After establishing the condition of the environmental sector, an analysis of problems was provided for each area, and then the priorities for each individual sector were identified. An action plan with financial assessment was provided in the final part of the document. This is the most important part of the document, since it contains proposal of activities for the improvement of the determined problems and pressures together with the implementation dynamics.
Pursuant to Article 43 of the Law on Environmental Protection and Article 2 of the Law on Amendments of the Law on Environmental Protection, the planning documents related to environment are adopted for the ten-year period. Accordingly, the Local Environmental Action Plan for the City of Bijeljina is adopted for the period from 2018 to 2028.