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Survey of the private sector on business conditions in the City of Bijeljina

In October and November 2014, a survey was conducted among companies in the City of Bijeljina to collect information related to opinions of the economy sector regarding the business environment in the city. This survey is a part of the strategic planning effort at the local community level, related to the future of the city. The purpose of the survey was to obtain useful and reliable information for the City Administration, which is related to the opinions of those who make investments, create jobs and hire workers in the City of Bijeljina.
The questions of the survey were aimed to determine a general business environment in the city, and to determine the satisfaction of business people with the quality of local self-government, agency for small and medium sized enterprises, the quality of associations of entrepreneurs/enterprises (Regional Chamber of Commerce in Bijeljina and Association of Entrepreneurs of Bijeljina Preduzetnik. The questions in the survey included history and structure of the enterprises, nature of their business, average annual income, questions related to the work force and employees, services of the city administration and relationship with them, as well as their impressions on the city as a place for doing business.
The purpose of the survey was to obtain information which would help the City of Bijeljina to manage the development of the private sector and economic development in a more systematic and better way, and to check the level of satisfaction of the private sector by the services provided by city administration and the Agency for small and medium sized enterprises, as well as by utility services, in order to improve public-private dialogue in the City of Bijeljina and to define future topics for joint consideration and solving through public-private dialogue.