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Local Development Strategy of the City of Bijeljina 2014-2023

Development Strategy of the City of Bijeljina 2014-2023 is the key strategic-planning document used to direct the development of local community in three most important aspects: economic, social and environmental. The Strategy is a system instrument for proactive and responsible management of local development, and the final result of the strategic planning process and the main starting point for the strategic projects implementation phase. The Strategy defines strategic focuses and development goals, as well as the projects and measures for their implementation.
In 2017, an independent evaluation of the implementation of the Strategy was done, and it was determined that priorities, goals and projects were relevant for the target groups. However, the context of the local development has changed during the last four years, so the development priorities and topic areas of the donors supporting the development projects have also changed. That is why the revision of the Strategy means to adjust the priorities and develop new approaches to solve development issues. The strategic platform and sector plans with projects and measures for the period 2019-2023 have been revised in accordance with the findings and recommendations of the evaluation.