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Public Utility Company ‘City cemetery’ LLC Bijeljina

Basic information
Address: Ulica Nikole Tesle 6, 76300 Bijeljina
Phone: +387 (0)55 490 445
E-mail: [email protected]
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About PUC ‘City cemetery’
Public Utility Company ‘City cemetery’ LLC Bijeljina was registered in the court registry on 12 December 2014, in accordance with the Decision on establishment of Public Utility Company ‘City cemetery’ LLC Bijeljina, made by the City Assembly of the City of Bijeljina number: 01-022-91/14 dated 13 November 2014, as an independent company and legal successor of JSC ‘Komunalac’ Bijeljna for funeral and associated activities.
On 27 May 2015, the Assembly of the City of Bijeljina made a Decision on cemeteries and funeral activity in the territory of the City of Bijeljina which defined all important issues significant for management of cemeteries and performance of funeral activity in the territory of the City of Bijeljina.
The company’s registered office was originally at Nikole Tesle 6, but it was later changed, which was adopted by the City Assembly in its Decision on amendment of the decision on establishment of PUC ‘City cemetery’ LLC Bijeljina, so now the company’s registered address is Pantelinska 150, Bijeljina.
The founder of the Company is the City of Bijeljina.
PUC ‘City cemetery’ LLC Bijeljina offers the lowest prices for: transport of the deceased, morgue services, small and large halls for commemorations, coffins, sarcophagi, semi-sarcophagi, crosses, textiles for furnishing coffins and all accompanying equipment for a dignified farewell of loved ones to their eternal rest.
In addition, PUC ‘City cemetery’ LLC Bijeljina also offers numerous flower arrangements made of natural and artificial flowers.
By performing funeral services and by considering the importance and sensitivity of this activity, PUC ‘City cemetery’ LLC Bijeljina provides a normal functioning and operation twenty-four hours a day, throughout the year. By its attitude in providing funeral services, the company strives towards constant improvement of the quality of its services related to burial, equipping, transportation of the dead, as well as activities related to arrangement and maintenance of the cemetery and other service works. At times of loss of loved ones, when people are blocked by grief and pain in a special psychophysical condition, in a stressful situation with intensive emotions, PUC ‘City cemetery’ LLC Bijeljina strives to always work diligently and conscientiously, trying to be recognisable by a high level of personal responsibility and professionalism. The company tries to perform all tasks related to burial in a timely manner, correctly, and with dignified respect for the deceased and their families.