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Bijeljina to Host the Cycling Caravan Again

For the 16th time, Bijeljina will once again be one of the hosts of the cycling race ‘Belgrade-Banja Luka’, thus contributing to the organization of one of the largest and most enduring international sports events in the region. The race begins on 17 April, with the following stage between Belgrade and Bijeljina the next day.
“Bijeljina is the main artery of our race, and without Bijeljina, this race would not survive in its current form and would not send a message of unity between Serbia and Republika Srpska. The stage, covering 140 kilometres, will be ridden on 18 April, and cyclists will cross the Drina without stopping at border crossings, arriving in Bijeljina in the afternoon. We, from the race organization, are proud to be partners with the City of Bijeljina, and this is always an opportunity to showcase Bijeljina to the world. Semberija has much to offer in terms of tourism, and I am confident that the race participants will be satisfied. Therefore, we are grateful to the mayor and his team for their support and hospitality,” said race director Vladimir Kuvalja during today's signing of the contract with representatives of the Administration of the City of Bijeljina.
He also announced that a cycling event for children will be held in Bijeljina, with the best participants being rewarded.
This year, the race route will be changed, extending to Jahorina, with the final stage running from Doboj to Banja Luka. As a result, there are plans to rename the race from 2025 as ‘Serbia-Republika Srpska’.
Đorđe Kupusović from Bijeljina is among the race participants for the second time. He called on fellow citizens to welcome the race participants coming from over thirty countries.
“This is my city, and I will do my best to get the yellow jersey right here, that is, to be the first in the stage to Bijeljina,” Kupusović stated.
Advisor to the mayor of Bijeljina, Radoslav Ostojić, expressed satisfaction with Bijeljina's selection to once again be part of the cycling caravan route.
“This race is one of the most beautiful ways to showcase Bijeljina, Republika Srpska, and Serbia, as well as to demonstrate the strong ties of the same people living on both sides of the river Drina. With greater media coverage secured, people across Europe and around the world will have the opportunity to get to know us and see what we have to offer," Ostojić remarked, inviting fellow citizens to bring their children to the race organized for the youngest citizens and to follow the arrival of cyclists and the start of the next stage towards Vlasenica.