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A new employee at the Administration of the City of Bijeljina – ChatBot MIA

One of the main challenges of local self-government and its administration is provision of transparent information and efficient services to citizens and economy.
Cities and municipalities have a growing need to provide immediate and accurate information, not only conditioned by the law, but also by demand of the users; and the speed of providing services also matters.
One option to resolve problems is introducing new technologies and software based on artificial intelligence, such as ChatBot.
There are only several cities in the world which have recently introduced similar technology for selected purposes. In Republika Srpska, for the time being, ChatBot will be used only in Laktaši and Bijeljina.
A ceremonial handing over of the license for the chat application MIA (Municipal Intelligent Assistant) was organised in Bijeljina today, in cooperation of the Administration of the City of Bijeljina, Chamber of Commerce of Republika Srpska, SAGA and GIZ.
Bijeljina Mayor Ljubiša Petrović expressed his gratitude to the Chamber of Commerce, SAGA and GIZ for their support in the development of Bijeljina, and explained that MIA will be able to answer the citizens’ questions. As he said, everything that impacts transparency and improvement of services provided to the citizens is the main task of the City Administration.
“The City of Bijeljina was selected as the city with a BFC standard since2015, which tells us that it is a city with a favourable business environment. As the Chamber of Commerce, we are working on increasing competitiveness of companies, thus helping the local authorities in increasing innovativeness and processes digitalisation”, said Slavica Marković, director of Regional Chamber of Commerce in Bijeljina.
This digital communication platform will strengthen the role of local administration as a competent, accessible and efficient administration for serving citizens. ChatBot enables digitalisation of selected service procedures and makes them available to all citizens 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Source: Dešavanja u Bijeljini