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Mayor’s work plan and work plan of the Administration of the City of Bijeljina

Mayor is an innocuous executive authority of the City of Bijeljina with authorities, responsibilities and obligations prescribed by the Law on Local Self-Government and other laws, as well as the Statute of the City of Bijeljina. Among other things, the mayor represents the City, submits proposals to the City Assembly for adoption, executes acts and policies established by the City Assembly, founds the City Administration and governs its internal organisation and systematisation of jobs, he is a representative for the City’s capital within public enterprises involved in utility activities, he submits reports on his work to the City Assembly, and performs other jobs in accordance with the law and Statute of the City.
City Administration is part of executive government and is an administrative part of the executive function of the City with the mayor as the holder of that function. The City Administration performs professional tasks for the needs of the mayor and City Assembly, implements decisions and other acts of the City Assembly and the mayor, prepares draft acts for the needs of the City Assembly and the mayor, and performs tasks of implementing laws and other state regulations which implementation is under the jurisdiction of the City as a local self-government unit.
Organisational structure of the City Administration is made of departments, services and independent sections.